AI Teammates

for Call Centers

Transforming Call Center Success with AI-Human Synergy.
HIPAA Compliant, Flexible, and Scalable.

10x Your Top Call Center Agents

In call centers, it’s crucial to have your best agents handle the most important cases. Yobi’s AI teammate learns from these top performers and helps other team members use these successful strategies, making the whole team more efficient.

Real-Time Agent Assistance

In the dynamic environment of call centers, Yobi’s HIPAA-compliant AI teammates redefine customer interactions. They deliver instant updates and valuable insights, empowering agents to provide exceptional service. With seamless access to caller information and the capacity to manage critical calls, agents can prioritize meeting caller needs with precision.


The Yobi team is enthusiastic about exploring how we can connect our AI teammates to your existing infrastructure, enhancing your operations and driving success.

Custom Voices

Our AI teammate can be customized to sound just like you. Say goodbye to robotic, impersonal machine voices—choose the perfect voice for your business!


Our intelligent translation is the great connector, bridging diverse cultures and dialects into one unified atmosphere of understanding.

Control the Call Center Chaos

The Yobi platform simplifies operations by consolidating all communications. This means you and your AI teammate can effortlessly manage calls, coordinate schedules, and stay updated on customers—all from one place, 24/7. Streamline your business communication for greater efficiency and focus on delivering top-notch service.


Training your AI teammate is a breeze. Just share your expertise—documents, workflows, and experiences—and we’ll refine them into an agent so effective, it surpasses any tool you’ve used before. Complex training becomes a smooth, controlled process, ensuring your AI teammate is finely tuned to your call center’s needs.

Yobi’s Features

Live Transcription and Summary

The live transcription feature provides real-time transcriptions of spoken audio, improving call management and review. You can intervene in live calls based on the transcribed text, helping you address customer needs proactively. It also offers after-call summaries, helping you identify areas for improvement and training opportunities.

Sentiment Analysis

At Yobi, we simplify customer sentiment tracking through advanced NLP and machine learning, enabling you to understand and enhance customer satisfaction effectively. This tool allows real-time monitoring for caller tone during calls within Yobi, monitoring insights to address feedback, improving loyalty and response strategies.

Al with a Human in the Loop

Control Modes in Yobi give agents two distinct ways to manage their interactions with the AI teammate. 

In Co-pilot mode, you’re in the driver’s seat with the AI teammate acting as an advisor; it provides recommendations that you can choose to follow, giving you direct control over the interaction.

Autopilot mode, on the other hand, lets the AI take full control of the communication. It uses established rules and its understanding of past interactions to handle conversations on its own, freeing you up to focus on other tasks.

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